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Sunday Morning Update

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Morning everyone, it’s been a busy couple of weeks as the first lot of hand-ins approach and I’m tending to find that any spare time goes into university work (as it should ^_^). This is just a quick update as to where I’m at with my projects, as the car’s come on quite a bit since my last work update and I’m now starting to progress with my dissertation project.

So the vehicle; last time I posted anything about this it was simply a concept within my imagination. Now it’s well on it’s way to being a nice little 3D model. It’s sitting at around 36,000 tris and we have a limit of 64,000. This gives me quite a bit to play around with so once the unwrap is complete I’m probably going to invest a bit of time modelling some more creative items for in the back of the car. Prepare for a barrage of WIP shots!


To create the car, I started by blocking out the shape against reference images that I created based upon the concept. From there I started with the wheels, used splines to create the wheel arches and bonnet, and the cabin and back box and other bits  were poly-modelled. The next step from there was removing all the unnecessary loops and fixing the topology. For the wheels and the Ford logo, I used the high-poly detail to bake these onto low-poly versions. So the low-poly version is currently where I’m up to, and I’m now about 90% of the way through the unwrap. This will hopefully be completed later on tonight, giving me all of tomorrow to fix any little blips and add extra detail before the hand-in. Texturing coming soon…

For my final environment project, I’ve done the block out and created some simple camera shots to get an idea of how the final environment will be displayed on my portfolio. From next week the asset modelling will begin so expect to see some nicer shots within the next couple of weeks as this progresses.


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